Detalji lokacije za La Aurora Intl Airport

Radno vrijeme i usluge
25 May 2024
Monday 5:00 - 23:59
Tuesday 5:00 - 23:59
Wednesday 5:00 - 23:59
Thursday 5:00 - 23:59
Friday 5:00 - 23:59
Saturday 5:00 - 23:59
Sunday 5:00 - 23:59


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Pravila iznajmljivanja

Additional Driver

All additional drivers must meet all rental requirements. Additional drivers must appear at the rental counter with the primary renter. Additional drivers must sign the rental agreement. An additional daily fee may apply for any Additional Drivers. The additional driver can only be added to the contract at the pick up location.

Upute do terminala

The customer must pass migration, then customs and go to airport exit - there is only one terminal. Before the exit is the rent-a-car area where the Enterprise counter will be located. In order to pick up the car, the customer must go to the building in front of the airport and then go to the third floor. There are parking lots within the pickup area and an additional Enterprise booth for further assistance if necessary. No shuttle is needed.

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